Table of Content

Table of Contents

The Age of Autumn shall be organised into three distinct section on the wordpress website: World Log, Developer’s Notes, and the Game. Each of three sections will segregate the setting’s background (fluff), suggestions and statements by developers, and the mechanical workings of the tabletop game its self. Currently each of these sections contain basic information, as well as what is to be expected in the future.

World Logs

  • Harmony
  • History
  • The Nine
  • The Pentad Powers
  • Geographic Regions
Developer’s Notes
  • …with a Grain of salt
  • Nope: How and how not to play Autumn
  • Sup /tg/
  • Learn to Modern Warfare
  • We can rip off history if we feel like it
The Game
  • Basic Concepts (Because what is dice?)
  • Core Book Get
  • Unspecified and incomplete developments
  • Please buy things we have not made yet